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Amidst all the noise, the inundation of mail, and the incessant television ads leading up to Tuesday’s primary we tend to forget about the down ballot races which have a significant impact on our lives.

Chase Higinbotham at a meet and greet event last night in Warrensburg for his 17th Judicial Circuit campaign.

The out state judicial circuits are filled in partisan elections. To be sure, those individuals who can file and are qualified to hold the office of circuit judge must hold a law degree. And you don’t exactly make an outrageous salary as a circuit judge – it’s much less than you’d earn as an attorney in private practice. The circuit courts are overburdened with caseload and underfunded. Individuals who run for circuit court judge do so because of their commitment to public service – and they know if good people don’t step up the entire system collapses.

So, generally, circuit court races can run under the election year radar. Candidates spend their time in the retail politics grind of holding meet and greet events and walking door to door to educate voters about their candidacy and what it is exactly that circuit court judges do.

Last night we attended one such meet and greet event in Warrensburg for Chase Higinbotham (D) a candidate in the 17th Judicial Circuit (Cass and Johnson Counties). He spent time speaking individually with everyone in attendance, made brief remarks to the crowd, everyone had a bite to eat, and the campaign distributed yard signs.

That’s a part of retail politics.