By @BGinKC

You can always count on a Missouri wingnut to show exemplary behavior and comportment and to know how to act in the face of tragedy.

By “always” I of course mean “never.”

JEFFERSON CITY • A Missouri lawmaker is drawing attention for the unfortunate timing of his gun raffle fundraiser next month.

The Sunlight Foundation has posted an invitation for state Rep. John McCaherty’s Aug. 27 fundraiser, which will feature the raffle of an AR-15 rifle. Unfortunately for the High Ridge Republican, the gun is the same model as one allegedly used in last week’s shooting at a Colorado movie theater that left 12 dead and 58 injured.

The Sunlight Foundation is a non-profit group that focuses on government transparency. The organization’s Political Party Time blog focuses on campaign social events and urges people to send event details and invitations to post.

Tickets for McCaherty’s raffle are $25 a piece, according to an event invitation that the blog posted online. The flyer also boasts that the gun is Missouri-made and only 200 tickets will be sold.

UPDATE: Fired Up! Missouri has posted an email apparently sent by McCaherty’s campaign this afternoon in response to the raffle attention.

In the email, McCaherty says that he plans to ignore media questions about the event and urges his supporters to do the same.

“(T)he less attention we give them the quicker they move on to the next story,” the email reads. “The families affected do not need the media beating them up, or drawing out the story anymore. So please….Do not answer any questions about the event at all.”

He adds that the event – now dubbed a “drawing” instead of “raffle” – will go on as planned at that supporters should sell tickets for it “primarily by word of mouth.”

Usually when one of these inbred, shit-kicker stereotypes does something like this I feel less and less mortified, to the point that now I just feel embarrassed for the state.

Until this. Now the mortification is back.

Any normal person who received adequate and competent parenting, the instruction of caring teachers and involvement in their community would have enough common sense and decency to quietly cancel, or at least reschedule, such an event.  Hell, most garden-variety sociopaths wouldn’t be so clueless and tone-deaf as to go ahead with something like this. But  obviously  Rep. John McCaherty is neither a normal person nor a garden variety sociopath. He appears to be a whole ‘nuther breed of cat. He apparently lives in an “I got mine, screw you” reality where other people don’t matter, so self-reflection is unnecessary, self-awareness is unknown and self-control is unheard of. We have come to a point where the dominant political party in the state governs from a place of pure meanness and spite. They are so consumed by their petty grievances and selfishness that they can’t find pleasure in anything that doesn’t require the suffering of others. And it would all be rather pathetic save one little problem: They are the lunatics in charge of the Jeff City asylum.