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The mind boggles. It seems that Romney’s folks are prepping the stage in the U.K. for his foreign policy “tour” by playing on the same petit bougeois, white resentment they’ve attempted to exploit in the U.S. Seventeen percent of the British population, after all, are ethnic minorities – many from former British colonies like Kenya, home of Obama’s daddy. Actually, if anybody in the Romney camp were capable of honest analysis, they’d have to acknowledge Obama might have more in common with diverse Brits than the American, “Anglo-Saxons” think. The son of a post-colonial Kenyan, he grew up in homes managed by white, Kansan Anglo-Saxons (presumably – the family name was Dunham?).

Remember when Cynthia Davis chided an African-American witness at a House Health Care Committee hearing about what she believed to be the bad dietary habits of “your people”? Of course, poor, dumb Cynthia really thinks like that. But don’t you think it’s pretty bad when a presidential candidate tries to appeal to that mind-set – and embarrasses us all by doing it in an international setting?