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Last week we noticed that GOP senatorial wannabe Sarah Steelman was attempting to ignite some enthusiasm for her candidacy by exploiting her mavricky resemblance to erstwhile rightwing star, Sarah Palin (e.g., they both love to play with guns). It must have paid off because this week she earned Palin’s endorsement. This turn of events has got the worshipful Steelman absolutely, gushingly giddy:

I am deeply honored and humbled to have earned the endorsement of Governor Palin, whose willingness to stand up and fight for what is right, regardless of the political consequences, has blazed a trail for conservatives who believe as we do, that the status quo has got to go. I am ready to join Governor Palin and lead the fight in the Senate to restore fiscal discipline and speak truth to power by putting this country back into the hands of the people!” said Steelman.

I can’t help smirking when she talks about “joining” Palin, whose selection as John McCain’s running mate arguably put the final kibosh on his inept presidential campaign, and who is now well on her way to the political dustheap she so deserves. Actually Steelman might get her wish and join Palin among the also-rans since Palin’s endorsements haven’t always delivered the keys to the kingdom in the past.

What’s even more amusing is the way that these fighters against the “status quo” always propose the most status quo GOP non-solutions to our problems: Gutting social programs in order to keep the tax rate low for corporations and the wealthy – check. Cutting public spending and in the process destroying public sector jobs along with our social and physical infrastructure – check. Privatizing successful government programs like Medicare and Social Security that serve the middle class – check. Fighting like hell to take affordable health care away from the uninsured – check.  Opposing government regulations that keep our food and water safe along with financial regulations that would have saved us from the 2008 recession had they been in place – check.

All in all, a strange way to “put the country back into the hands of the people,” but I guess it’s really a matter of which people you’re talking about – not that I expect either Sarah would have a clue.