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Mitt Romney continues to Swift Yacht himself with his lack of transparency. From the Obama/Biden 2012 campaign:

Romney Can’t Run from Record as Corporate Buyout Specialist

“Mitt Romney can continue to run ads bemoaning serious questions about his career as a corporate buyout specialist, but he can’t run from his record of leading investments in companies that were ‘pioneers’ in outsourcing and investing in foreign tax havens and offshore accounts. It’s time for him to come clean about his involvement at Bain Capital from 1999 to 2002 and follow decades of precedent set by his own father and release additional tax returns. Only then will the American people learn about his motivations on critical policy matters and know whether he opened offshore accounts to avoid paying U.S. taxes or hedge against the dollar. Until then, we are left to wonder just what he is hiding.”

-Lis Smith, campaign spokeswoman

And we were so looking forward to perusing those tax returns. Drat.