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Today, at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C000953 07/11/2012 MO REPUBLICAN PARTY John Templeton 601 Pembroke Road Bryn Mawr PA 19010 Doctor 7/10/2012 $50,000.00

[emphasis added]

Pennsylvania? The same person (from 2008)?:

John Templeton Jr. goes after Barack Obama, gay marriage

October 22, 2008 |  9:24 pm

The world of big campaign donors is small.

A relative handful of the truly big donors give to an array of causes.

One is John Templeton Jr., a Pennsylvania physician who is the son of the founder of Templeton Mutual Funds. He started out the presidential campaign backing Mitt Romney, but now is in John McCain’s camp, and has given more than $100,000 to federal campaigns since 2007.

Templeton also is playing in California. He is the second-largest individual donor supporting Proposition 8, the initiative to ban same-sex marriage in California by creating a state constitutional amendment defining marriage as being between one man and one woman.

Now, Templeton is taking on Barack Obama. He donated $800,000 of a $1.3-million ad purchase to an independent campaign group, Let Freedom Ring….