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Cue the banjo music.

Today, at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C051254 07/09/2012 MCGHEE FOR SENATE Missouri Club for Growth P.O. Box 2068 St Louis MO 63158 7/7/2012 $10,000.00

C010192 07/09/2012 PEARCE FOR SENATE Missouri Republican Leadership Council PO BOX 16737 St Louis MO 63105 7/7/2012 $10,000.00

[emphasis added]

This is not your grandfather’s GOP. Pass the popcorn.


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And, of course, one of the legislative giants of the Missouri General Assembly:

We’ll never have a right to breathe because some corporation could make a profit selling us all air (May 23, 2012)

HJR 2: “Useless laws weaken the necessary laws.” (December 30, 2010)

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