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From the Obama/Biden 2012 campaign:

Al Sharpton: Now, Governor Strickland, uh, I was reading, uh, and watching a wise man. Uh, and let, uh, me read to you what he said about the President. He said, President Obama is betting on America and American workers and Mitt Romney is betting his resources in the Cayman Islands, in Bermuda, in Switzerland and god only knows where else. President Obama is the insourcer of jobs and Mitt Romney is the outsourcer of jobs. That wise man was you, Governor Strickland, introducing the President yesterday. Would you care to elaborate?

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland (D): Well, Reverend Al, I mean, we have two men who want to be the next President. And, uh, one of them, our President, our, our current President, has worked to build the middle class. Uh, he’s brought us out of this, uh, deep, deep recession and we’re moving forward. Uh, and on the other hand we have Mitt Romney, uh, a man who made great wealth, uh, as a result of the privileges that he had of living in this country. And, uh, what did he do with his wealth? Well, we don’t know everything he did with his wealth because he refuses to release his income tax returns. But we do know that he took part of his wealth and he invested that wealth in the Cayman Islands, uh, a recognized tax haven. Uh, he opened up a bank account in Switzerland. He established a corporation in Bermuda. Um, he, he went to South America when he formed Bain Capital and he got money from shadowy, um, uh, investors. Uh, some of them anonymous that we don’t know who they were. And, uh, and, and now he wants to be the President. And he says I’m the one who is worthy of leading this country because of my business experience. And I say give me a break. What is Mitt Romney hiding from the American people? Reverend Al, why isn’t he releasing his income tax returns? His father released twelve years of income tax returns when he ran for president. And Mitt Romney has released only one year. And, uh, we need to know, uh, more about this man’s business dealings. And, uh, he wants to be the President. The President, uh, has an obligation, I believe, to be candid and transparent and open with the American people. Someone said rightly that, uh, Mitt Romney is the most secretive, uh, American politician since Richard Nixon. And when it comes to his finances and what he’s done with his wealth, I think that’s absolutely the case.



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