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State Senator Brad Lager (R-12), who is also candidate for Lieutenant Governor,  hyperventilates on the Obamacare mandate-as-a-tax ruling of the Supreme Court :

I am disappointed in the Supreme Court’s ruling today, that upheld the single largest tax increase in the world.

Got that? Then take a look at the estimated revenue effect of the mandate (in GOP speak, the “enormous new tax”) compared to past tax increases (note especially the Reagan tax increase):

Does it look to you like the chart above show us the “biggest tax increase in the history of the world”? Looks to me more like what Josh Marshall labels it, “clearly one of tiniest ones in history.” Somebody ought to let Mr. Lager know that hyperbole isn’t always a wise rhetorical choice if one doesn’t want to appear foolish.

There are, though, some additional new taxes in the Affordable Care Act – which fact inspires horror in Rep. Todd Akin (R-2) (via facebook):

Americans will have to pay at least $675 billion in new taxes because of Obamacare. I support full repeal.

And the problem, Todd, is what exactly? It will insure a majority of the currently uninsured Missourians. Add to that almost inestimable benefit, the fact that it will prevent price gouging on the part of insurance companies – $64.5 million in insurance overcharges will be refunded to Missourians this year alone –  and it seems like a good bargain to me when we compare what we get to the cost in new taxes. As TPM’s Brian Beutler notes when he does the numbers:

… even if you include the sum total of all the revenue-raising provisions in the ACA – and there are many taxes in it – it’s still smaller than the Reagan, Bush and Clinton tax increases.

Kevin Drum offers the best summary of  the taxing (to the GOP) nature of new Obamacare taxes:

It’s fair for Republicans to complain that ACA includes a bunch of new taxes. It does. Most of them fall on high earners and corporations, not the middle class, but they’re still taxes. However, the “biggest tax increase in history” nonsense is crazy, and no news outlet interested in accuracy should let it pass without challenge.

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