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Missouri Democratic Convention – photos (June 9, 2012)

Missouri Democratic Convention – photos part 2 (June 9, 2012)

Missouri Democratic Convention – photos part 3 (June 9, 2012)

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan addressing the delegates to the Missouri Democratic Convention on Saturday, June 9, 2012.

On Saturday, June 9th, Secretary of State Robin Carnahan addressed the delegates to the Missouri Democratic Convention:

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (D): [applause] Well, thank you all so much. It’s great to be here. Talk about walking into a crowd of friendly faces. [laughter] I, I look in here and it’s like being back home at some family reunion and I appreciate, uh, everybody being so kind. And if you haven’t gotten one of mom’s books, she’s out there selling ’em and signing ’em right now. So, uh, get out there.

You know, I don’t know how many of ya’ll are like me. You turn the television on and big, big old headlines all over everything – it was a bad week for the Democrats, bad week for the President. And I’m sitting there kind of shaking my head thinking the reality that these people live in [laughter] is different than the reality where I am. [laughter] Because it seems to me that we as Democrats are in a great place. [cheers, applause] [voice: “Right.”] A great place. [applause] Think about it. We’ve got, we’ve got a President who stands for conviction, who puts the people in front of partisan politics at every turn. He’s running against somebody who we saw over the past few months is willing to say and do anything. What kind of leader do we deserve and expect in this country? We deserve a leader like Barack Obama who is gonna stand for things, fight for things, and look out for all of the people. [applause]…

…And, when it comes to Missouri I’m even more baffled. Think about it. We’ve got a fantastic senator who speaks the truth and common sense with straight talk in a place that’s full of mush mouthed people [laughter] who won’t take a stand about things. We can be proud of what Claire McCaskill is doing [cheers, applause] We ought to talk about it. [applause, cheers] She’s out there. She’s out there every day fighting for us. She’s fighting to make government accountable and efficient and doing the things that we care about. [voice: “Yep.”] Be proud of that. We don’t even know who she’s running against but they’re busy trying to out ideologue each other. We’ll see who that ends up being.

And then it comes to the Governor. We’ve got this governor that we can be incredibly proud of. [applause] Here we are [applause], here we are in this difficult economic time in our country when jay [Nixon] took the reins of our state and yet he’s continued to balance the budget and he’s continued to have the real priorities that matter to regular people. And he’s continued to fight back the nonsense that continually comes up from the legislature, believe me, I’m there, I see, you all have watched it. And he is the line of attack that stops that and keeps our state focused on things that matter. Be proud of that. Talk about that. [applause]

And then, and then, and then look at these other races. You just saw Clint [Zweifel] , he’s doing a fantastic job being the steward of our resources. You don’t even know the guy that’s running against him. We need to go out there and fight about that – he, every day is figuring what he can do to help regular working families in our state.  And Chris Koster, he’s standing up for things we care about. He’s the kind of candidate, the kind of person we need as the Attorney General. I couldn’t be prouder of these candidates. And for the other races, Lieutenant Governor and my office, Secretary of State, we are gonna have fine candidates that outstrip their opponents at every turn.

So [applause], all this talk [applause] , I, I just want to everybody, you gotta have a reality check. When you’re hearing all this stuff on the TV and you think that this, this isn’t what’s going on in Missouri. Well, you’re right. It’s not what’s going on in Missouri. It doesn’t, it can’t be what’s going on in Missouri. It’s up to us to tell the story of what’s really going on here in our state.

Now, you might say, well, what do we have to worry about? It’s so great. Well, I think we do have things we have to worry about. I think we have to worry about money, ’cause this transformation that’s happened with the Supreme Court allowing unlimited contributions. We saw what it did in two thousand ten. It’s gonna be back in two thousands and twelve with a vengeance. The other thing we have to worry about, hear me when I tell you this, is complacency. [voice: “Yeah.”] Complacency. [applause] Let me tell you, [inaudible] clap about that. There’s nothing to clap about complacency. [laughter] What’s important is that we recognize it. [voice: “Right.”] And we know that we can beat the money with our passion, we can beat the money with our politics, we can beat the money with our people, but not if we’re complacent. [voice: “That’s right.”] [applause] And what you’re here today to do is to understand and to get energy from the other people here about what we can do around this state. Because we have got great candidates, we have got great stories to tell, and we have got a great future in this state. And it’s because of the hard work and the passion and commitment that we all have to bring to this.

Now, there are a hundred and forty-nine days, I’m the elections official you know, a hundred and forty-nine days [laughter] before election day. Think about that. We’re gonna see a lot of ups and downs. Sometimes they try to figure out who’s gonna win in the press cycle. I don’t think in the end that’s what matters. What matters is how hard we work, who’s gonna win the hearts of America. And you win that by your passion and your commitment and you devotion to a cause. And that’s what each of us needs to commit to do in the next hundred and forty-nine days.

Can I see a show of hands or you can stand or you can clap if you think you’re gonna be out there fighting hard [applause, cheers] between now and election day. [inaudible] Let me just tell you [applause] I know it’s already started [cheers], so yesterday, yesterday, think about this, a hundred forty-nine days before the election, yesterday somebody knocked on my door for Claire McCaskill. [cheers, applause] Door to door. A hundred and forty-nine days before election day. I’ve never seen that before but I am proud of it. I know Claire’s working, I know everybody is out there working and I’m gonna be out there and I hope it’ll be by my side every step of the way. Thank you all, very, very much. [cheers, applause]

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan (D) speaking with state delegates in the hall during a break in the convention.