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Jason Kander’s (D) Secretary of State campaign released an introductory video today:

Andre Reed: I met Jason back in, uh, two thousand ten. He taught me how to be a platoon leader.

Chris Carpenter: He joined the military specifically because of nine eleven and because of the war on terror.

Jason Kander: When I saw the planes hit the towers and, and found out about the pentagon on nine eleven I, I knew that my life had changed and the whole country had changed. And the reason I knew my life had changed is ’cause I knew that I was gonna join the military.

Andre Reed: I think Jason was a very respected leader. He not only had our respect just based upon his leadership style, but also the fact that he was a man of his word. If he said he was gonna do something he did it.

Jason Kander: My dad was a cop and my mom was a juvenile probation officer so we didn’t get away with anything as kids. And it was really obvious, uh, what the lessons were growing up. Which was just do the right thing and, and not the safer, easier thing all the time.    

Chris Carpenter: While Jason Kander’s a, a person that in just five minutes of talking can show you that he’s, he’s a person of integrity, he’s a person that, uh, that cares about the people of Missouri and, and he’s a person that seems to really have a good strong commitment to this state.

Jason Kander: When I came home after having investigated corruption in Afghanistan I looked at a state government, uh, where people here in Missouri felt like, I felt like maybe they were losing some of the faith that they had in their government.

Too much partisanship and not enough leadership. So, I decided to run.

Chris Carpenter: He’s done a lot of work opposing special interests. He’s done a lot of work standing up for what’s right in the Missouri legislature and I think he’s gonna do the same thing as Secretary of State.  

Jason Kander: I’ve stood up for my country and I, and I’ve been in a place that was really dangerous. We talk a lot about, uh, political courage here at home. Um, but I’ve been to a place where you had to have real courage just to get up and go to work every day. And so as a result it’s made it very easy for me in public service to make what other people have called all, all the hard decisions.

Andre Reed: I think Jason will make an excellent Secretary of State. He’ll make a choice not only based upon what’s right, but he’ll make it based on what’s right for the people.  

Chris Carpenter: He’s a guy that is clearly doing what he thinks is right.

Jason Kander will be the first Democrat I’ve ever voted for.  

Jason Kander: My mission is simple, to do what’s right and not just what’s safe, to oppose bad ideas and stand up for good ideas regardless of which party proposed them in the first place.

And I hope people get behind my campaign because I will always stand up and do what’s right.

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