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A Letter to the Editor in today’s Warrensburg Daily Star-Journal:

Limbaugh’s foot in mouth

Listening to Rush Limbaugh spew his characteristic vitriol over national television news and, this time, college coed, Susan Fluke, was appalling…..

….Filthy descriptors from the mouth of an overpaid windbag attacking someone he had never met raises the question of his own character (or lack thereof). Sadly, for those who see Limbaugh as a viable spokesperson for conservative viewpoints, his latest rant only underscores the unbalanced and incongruent thinking that he has come to represent to many Americans….

[emphasis in original]

There was also an unsigned lead editorial in the same issue of the paper:

Limbaugh does not belong in state hall

The Hall of Famous Missourians should not include Rush Limbaugh.

Many Missourians would not recognize Limbaugh as famous; infamous, perhaps. But the hall is meant for famous Missourians and his nomination has more to do with being a windbag known for spewing hate – calling a college kid a whore, suggesting Michael J. Fox faked a disease = than for selfless accomplishments….

…[Speaker] Tilley’s suggestion about Limbaugh deserving to be in the hall just for being a well-known radio personality sounds more like an excuse than a rational reason.

Tilley added in his AP interview that the hall is about famous as opposed to “universally loved Missourians.” That, too, sounds like bunk….

….The fact, though, about Limbaugh being picked for the hall appears as simple as this: Tilley is a Republican and Limbaugh is a spokesman for the Republican Party, so Limbaugh gets into the hall and more deserving Missourians do not.

[emphasis in original]

Did you catch that? “…Limbaugh is a spokesman for the Republican Party…” When you read that in a small town Missouri newspaper it’s the beginning of the end.

But, wait, there’s more. Editor Jack Miles also wrote an op-ed piece in today’s paper:

James more deserving than Rush

I would sooner see Old Drum entered into the Hall of Famous Missourians in Jefferson City than Rush Limbaugh or anyone else whose main claim to fame is being a mouthpiece for a particular political party….

….Hearing House Speaker Steve Tilley, therefore, argue for putting Limbaugh into the Hall of Missourians makes no sense. Limbaugh serves a particular party, not the American people. As such, Limbaugh serves a group, an agenda, but not the nation….

….If simply being well known is a new criteria for being in the Hall of famous Missourians, then Jesse James has my vote over Limbaugh….

[emphasis in original]

“…Limbaugh serves a particular party, not the American people…” Ah, here’s the rub: for republicans that’s a feature, not a bug.