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Yesterday Representative Mike McGhee (r) introduced HB 1520, which repeals the death penalty. You read that right. From the Journal of the House [pdf]:

….HB 1520, introduced by Representatives McGhee, Lasater, Wieland, Berry, Kelly (24), Rizzo, Meadows, Webb, Morgan, McCreery, Atkins, Nasheed, Hughes, Talboy, Spreng, Carter, Quinn, Shively, Hubbard, Jones (63), Swearingen, Pace, Walton Gray, McNeil, McDonald, Carlson, Hodges, Sommer, Hummel, Stream, Brown (50), Ellington, Schupp, Kirkton, Montecillo, Oxford, Taylor, Pierson, Webber, Ellinger, Smith (71), McCann Beatty, McGeoghegan and Lant, relating to repealing the death penalty….

In case you’re curious, that’s an actual bipartisan list of co-sponsors.

The actual bill.