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Via the Twitterverse:

@RoyBlunt Senator Roy Blunt

For those noting that recess appts are common practice under past presidents, this is unprecedented bc the Senate is not currently in recess 5 hours ago

So, if the Senate is actually in session was Senator Blunt (r) there? Isn’t that the opposite of recess? Just asking.

Evidently not. On either side of that hand wringing Twitter post:

@RoyBlunt Senator Roy Blunt

Enjoyed talking w/ business leaders at Sell’s Carpet in Boonville abt ways to alleviate burdens on job creators. yfrog.com/od7ydftoj 6 hours ago

I believe Boonville is in Missouri.

@RoyBlunt Senator Roy Blunt

Thanks to the farmers who stopped by Bloomfield’s Family Restaurant to discuss how labor regs will hurt family farms. pic.twitter.com/UY5RzbYT 2 hours ago

Oh, it’s an obstructionist republican game.

From Eli Yokley:

…SEN. ROY BLUNT will be in mid-Missouri again today, holding business roundtables in Lake Ozark, California, Booneville, Fayette, Marshall, Brusnswick, and Moberly…


Heh. Complaining about not being in recess while not actually being there. That’s real chutzpah.