The 99% don’t know who they are.  The 1% disguises themselves with super pacs.  There are too many layers.  We can boycott – but will the majority of the 99% get on board.  My question, how can they when they don’t bother themselves with what’s going on.  In other words – that’s why they’ve been disenfranchised.  

There are many layers of the 99%.  Middle class Americans – do they feel the pinch?  Are they the ones filling the stadiums and going on vacations?  They have a job or they have the money to live comfortably.  So, IMO they don’t feel too much of anything.  Are they the same as the 1%?  Do they claim not to be my brother’s keeper?

Poor Americans – do they even pay attention?  Does every race feel that they share an equal part to this problem?  Does a poor Vietnamese feel the same as a poor Mexican?  We are so busy thinking that you are talking about somebody else that we don’t see ourselves.  IMO.  We have more poor whites than any other race.  Do you know why?  Well – the population – there are more of them.  Numbers don’t lie.  They live in their ghettos (trailer parks) just like everybody else.  We have gay Republicans.  Can you believe that?  You would think that those 2 words don’t belong in the same sentence.  Yet, do they see themselves as part of the problem or part of the solution?  Trust me, for every group of people you will find the poor.

So my friend, how do you get the 99% to take a realistic view of the problem?