I was struck by this article in The Hill about how South Carolina GOP Governor Nicki Haley is going about sabotaging tehk provision in the Affordable Care Act (ACA, a.k.a. Obamacare) that states  establish a health care exchange – while claiming the $1 million grant that states area allowed in order do so.  Haley:

The governor applied for and received a $1 million federal grant to plan for health insurance exchanges, which will go online in 2014. In states that don’t set up their own exchanges, the federal government will run things.

Haley established the nonpartisan South Carolina Health Planning Committee on March 10 with the stated intention of determining “whether or not the state should establish a health insurance exchange,” The Post and Courier reports. But internal records obtained by the newspaper suggest Haley had her mind set on what the panel’s conclusion should be before it ever met.

“The whole point of this commission should be to figure out how to opt out and how to avoid a federal takeover, NOT create a state exchange,” Haley said in a March 31 email obtained by the paper under the state’s public records law

Haley authorizes a study at a cost so far of $100,000 dollars, does nothing and the state retains the remaining cash. From my perspective, this amounts not only to a waste of taxpayer dollars, but perhaps actual fraud. As one South Carolinan put it:

“This confirms this whole thing was an effort to justify the million-dollar grant,” Frank Knapp, the president of the pro-reform South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce, told the newspaper. “But the reality is they had no intention of even exploring whether the state should establish an exchange – which is exactly what the grant called for.

Very, very bad; government by and for ideologues and to hell with the needs of the citizens of South Carolina. But is Missouri much better? The state has applied for and received a similar $100,000 grant. However, its