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Previously: Evidently Kansas Governor Sam Brownback (r) doesn’t believe in the First Amendment… (November 24, 2011)

A Missouri republican gets in on the act.

@RyanSilvey Ryan Silvey

So, a teenage girl acts childish on Twitter, a Governor’s staff overreacts & days later we care why? #15minutesareup 2 hours ago

Who is childish, the teenager or the adults?

Ryan Silvey @RyanSilvey Kansas City

Missouri State Representative for District 38, Chairman of the House Budget Committee and candidate for State Senate in 2012.

@johnburnettkc John Burnett

Oh touchy! RT @RyanSilvey: So, a teenage girl acts childish on Twitter, a Governor’s staff overreacts & days later we care why?| hypocrisy? 7 minutes ago

 [emphasis added]

Uh, yep.

Emma Sullivan Apology: Kansas High School Student Not Sorry About Sam Brownback Tweet

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A Kansas teenager who wrote a disparaging tweet about Gov. Sam Brownback said Sunday that she is rejecting her high school principal’s demand for a written apology.

Emma Sullivan, 18, of the Kansas City suburb of Fairway, said she isn’t sorry and doesn’t think such a letter would be sincere…..

It’s going to be really interesting to watch right wingnut republicans fall all over themselves as they rush get in line to condemn the First Amendment and free political speech.

Pearl clutching hypocrites.


Emma Sullivan, via Twitter:

@emmakate988 Emma Sullivan

I’ve decided not to write the letter but I hope this opens the door for average citizens to voice their opinion & to be heard! #goingstrong 1 hour ago

Update II: It took a while, but it looks like a certain amount of grudging sanity prevailed from the folks who are supposed to be adults. From the Shawnee Mission School District, via the Kansas City NBC affiliate:

District officials have reviewed recent events surrounding the reported tweet by Shawnee Mission East High School student Emma Sullivan.  The district acknowledges a student’s right to freedom of speech and expression is constitutionally protected.

The district has not censored Miss Sullivan nor infringed upon her freedom of speech.  She is not required to write a letter of apology to the Governor.  Whether and to whom any apologies are issued will be left to the individuals involved.

The issue has resulted in many teachable moments concerning the use of social media.  The district does not intend to take any further action on this matter.

Somebody did some research.

Also, from the same NBC report, Governor Brownback issued a statement:

My staff over-reacted to this tweet, and for that I apologize. Freedom of speech is among our most treasured freedoms.

I enjoyed speaking to the more than 100 students who participated in the Youth in Government Program at the Kansas Capitol. They are our future.

I also want to thank the thousands of Kansas educators who remind us daily of our liberties, as well as the values of civility and decorum.

Again, I apologize for our over-reaction.

That is what we call a teachable moment – on how to issue a bland apology in public relations speak.