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The Occupiers are getting through to some on the right.

Last August, I posted video of protesters giving Bank of America grief for not letting them close their accounts there. Oddly enough the video I posted on YouTube has been getting lots of comments lately. One in particular shows that Occupy Everywhere is getting through even to some far right folk.

This is not a fucking liberal movement you fucking retards. I am not a tree hugging hippy. I am Pro Military, Pro Gun, and for smaller government. This is about The constitution being sold out, the american people being sold out, and Banks making a profit off of it. If our police and military are protecting us and our rights, im in full support, but they are not. they are protecting the interests of the banks. the 1%. these people are committing treason and should be dealt with accordingly.

Not all of the wingers get it, mind you. Several on our side of the fence spoke up … and got put down.

screw you cupcake fucking liberals

Oh well.