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From the Missouri House of Representatives Communications Office:

….[5:40] Obviously this is not a economic climate that is going away anytime soon. So we need to take a very strong and hard look at what we can do as a state. And unfortunately we’re in the minority so we don’t necessarily get to drive the legislative agenda. But you can rest assured, as I told you all on the first day of session, as I told you when we broke for Spring recess, and as I told you at the end of session and I told you every time we’ve been in here, first and foremost we need to talk about two things in this state. One, jobs, getting people back to work, and making sure that we have an educated work force to fill the jobs that we do create. Those two things moving forward are the most important. We can do nothing else and those two things two things need to get done. Unfortunately we’ve wasted now way too much time talking about it but not doing anything….

At what cost to the taxpayers?:

Missouri special session cost reaches $280,000

The price tag for Missouri’s special legislative session has reached nearly $280,000, KMOX reports. Figures from the 159-seat House show members have racked up more than $233,000 in per diem and mileage expenses. The 34-member Senate has incurred more than $46,000 of expenses for per diem, mileage and staff costs….

Not to mention the jobs situation in this state, too.