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Given the general aura of disaster that permeates Peter Kinder’s run for Governor – even before he has declared himself a candidate – there seems to be good reason for the speculation that is popping up about other possible GOP contenders.  FiredUp!, for example, listed the possible reasons that would lead Brad Lager to run – noting that among the top ten reasons would be that “approximately zero Republicans want to run on a ticket with Peter Kinder.”

Some sources are suggesting another contender, a (really) dark horse, one Dave Spence. According to Berger’s Beat, Spence was recently in Washington to meet with members of the Republican Governors Association “about self-funding a primary against Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder.” Politico‘s David Catanese also speculates that Spence, whom he describes as  “a chief executive at a packaging company,” is considering a run.

The Small Business Monthly has this to say about Spence’s business career:

At the tender age of 25, Dave Spence acquired Alpha Con Plastics in 1985 and began the process of rebuilding the company.  Thanks to an SBA loan, he began a new era in the company, changing the name to Alpha Plastics. Today the company employs more than 400 people at five manufacturing facilities around the country.  Spence and his team have been honored with such awards as the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and the Missouri Chamber of commerce’s Fast Track Awards.

Over the years Spence has given back to the business community by continually sharing his experiences as an entrepreneur with up-and-coming owners.

As the recipient of an SBA loan that he used to get his business going, Spence ought to, at least, be able to figure out that government has a role to play in generating prosperity – which would be a novelty for the GOP right now.

However, in case that snippet doesn’t satisfy your desire to know more about Spence, the Entrepreneurship Institute presents Spence’s  proudest achievements as:

– Leading a balanced life with four young children, marriage and the demands of a fast growing business.

– One of the founding members of a charitable foundation that has raised over 1 million dollars to proved college scholarships to members of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity at Mizzou.

– Not taking “no” for an answer during his career. It has meant that in spite of all the advice that was given, he was able to accomplish some things that seemed improbable.

– Leading an ethical business and personal life – yes it can be done!

One can only hope that Kinder does not, as Catanese suggests, decide to “pass the baton” to another candidate, since a primary between the Inspector Clouseau of Missouri politics and a GOP version of Dudley Do-Right ought to be a barrel of laughs.