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From a couple of the republicans candidates in the 2012 senate race, via Twitter:

@ToddAkin Todd Akin

Where was #AirClaire when Obama came to St. Louis yesterday? Todd wonders too – read the statement: http://ow.ly/6OauD #tcot #MOSen 5 Oct

@BrunnerForMO John Brunner

While I tour the state talking to job-creators, @clairecmc runs and hides from her friend and ally @BarackObama. politi.co/rkN8v8 #mosen

23 hours ago

Yeah, whatever.

Senator Claire McCaskill (D):

@clairecmc Claire McCaskill

If I’d gone to Pres’ fundraiser in STL opponents would say that I’d rather hobnob w/big donors than do my job. #damnedifudodamnedifudont 5 Oct

And the republican frontrunner?:

@sarah_steelman Sarah Steelman

Great grassroots fundraiser in Lee’s Summit tonight! Lots of people who want to help save our country! #MOSEN 4 Oct

Uh, republican grassroots fundraising is an oxymoron of epic proportions. If it actually ever happened the universe would cease to exist because an absolute probability of zero had been achieved.