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We received the following e-mail from Jason Kander’s campaign:


Wednesday, Oct. 5, 2011

Former Missouri Secretary of State Bekki Cook Endorses Jason Kander for the Job

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Former Missouri Secretary of State Bekki Cook announced today that she is endorsing Jason Kander to be Missouri’s next Secretary of State.

“Serving as Missouri’s Secretary of State was a true honor for me,” Cook said. “Every time a Missourian goes to vote, starts a small business or wants to protect their investments, the office touches their lives. I support Jason Kander for Secretary of State because Missourians deserve a fighter who will aggressively act on their behalf. Whether serving his nation in uniform or his constituents in the legislature, Jason brings unmatched integrity to public service. I couldn’t think of a better person to be Missouri’s next Secretary of State than Jason Kander.”

Cook, from Cape Girardeau, was appointed as Missouri Secretary of State by Gov. Mel Carnahan in 1994. She won reelection in 1996 and served until January 2001.

“It’s an honor to have the support of former Secretary of State Bekki Cook,” Kander said. “Her leadership in the Secretary of State’s office touched the lives of thousands of Missourians. As someone who excelled in the position, I will continue to seek her wise counsel as I lay out my vision for the Secretary of State’s office.”

Jason Kander is a State Representative from Kansas City and currently serves in the Army National Guard. As a military intelligence officer in the Army Reserve, Kander volunteered in 2006 for deployment and served in Afghanistan. In 2010, he was one of ten soldiers selected as national finalists for Army Reserve Outstanding Junior Officer of the Year. Rep. Kander currently serves on the Missouri Veterans Commission. Kander is a lawyer and lives with his wife Diana in Kansas City.


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Now that’s an endorsement. From one of Missouri’s respected public servants.


This evening, at the Missouri Ethics Commission:

C071012 10/05/2011 FRIENDS OF JASON KANDER Sosland Company 4800 Main St. Kansas City MO 64112 10/5/2011 $5,001.00

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