I do love a good poll. I can’t help it. I love Statistics, and the way it stands at the nexus of science and math and answers all kinds of questions if we’re just smart enough to ask them — and frankly, no one does that better than the good folks at Pew Research.

Their latest poll on American political attitudes shows that while the gridlock in Washington has taken it’s toll on President Obama and the Democrats, dragging approval ratings down a few points over the long, hot summer we aren’t through with yet. Even with their numbers dipping, however, Democrats still fare far better than republicans overall, and President Obama is still lapping Congress as a whole, and especially the GOP House caucus and the republican party in particular. Only 22% approve of the job congressional republicans are doing, down from 36% over the same timeframe. The republican party as a whole has seen a decline in their approval rating fall from 43% to 34%.

I’m sure that a lot of people on the left cringed, and maybe even stopped reading when they got to this bit:

There also has been a substantial erosion of Obama’s leadership image. Since May, the percentage saying Obama is able to get things done has fallen from 55% to 44%, while the percentage viewing Obama as a strong leader has declined from 58% to 49%. Fewer Democrats and independents now view Obama as a strong leader than did so in May (down 10 points, eight points, respectively).

If they did get discouraged and stop reading then, however, they missed the payoff:

The better news for Obama is that he continues to be seen by majorities as someone who stands up for what he believes in (71%), as caring (63%) and trustworthy (59%). Moreover, his 43% job approval rating, while much lower than his rating just a few months ago, is relatively strong given the widespread dissatisfaction with national conditions, increasingly negative views of the economy, and broad distrust of government. And Obama’s approval rating continues to be much higher than those for congressional leaders of both parties.

[ … ]

Voters remain unimpressed by the GOP field. As was the case in late May, prior to the Ames straw poll and Rick Perry’s entry into the presidential race, only about a quarter of voters (26%) say they have an excellent or good impression of the possible GOP candidates. Most (64%) say as a group the candidates are only fair or poor.

Republican and Republican-leaning voters continue to express mixed views of the GOP candidates (49% excellent or good, 44% only fair or poor). In May, 44% of Republican voters said the party’s presidential field was excellent or good, while 43% said it was only fair or poor.

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No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. People are sick to death of these motherfuckin’ snakes on this motherfuckin’ plane the GOP in Congress and want to see Obama bring the pain to the recalcitrant racist dumbfucks who piss their pants at the mere thought of an angry black man. Even mainstream republicans (all seven of the ones surviving in the wild) want him to give them something to cry about.