Jon Stewart had a great last night on Cantor’s belief that assistance to Joplin should only come when spending is cut elsewhere in the budget.

Here is the key part of the rant.  The “it” refers to the notion that helping to rebuild Joplin requires a justification.

Are you out of your f*cking mind?

Justify it!?  You know, Republicans are always so worried about socialism permanently transforming America, but what’s a more fundamental transformation of America than, if your town is taken by a tornado, we can only help you if we make the numbers work?  I mean, seriously!

Right now, elephants from the Missouri circus are helping clear heavy debris from the tornado, which means when it comes to helping Joplin, Missouri, residents, actual elephants are more useful to them than the GOP.

Click here to get to Comedy Central to see the actual rant.

I think there is a bumpersticker in this:

Actual elephants are more useful to Joplin than the GOP.