Sen. Brian Nieves showed his psychotic side on May 11 in his Jeff City office.  The three retired teachers who visited him that day have written of their experience in the Washington Missourian.  Read their letters here.

For visuals of the crazy man in action, watch this video.

The FiredUpMissouri website is doing a great job of collating all the bits of evidence regarding Nieves’ mental state.  Democrats should get a candidate ready to run in a special election for the 26th Senate seat because Nieves’ mental condition, according to a psychiatrist friend of mine, is on target for a complete breakdown soon.

I know two of the three men who wrote letters to the Missourian, and I can attest to their solid character and completely non-violent personalities.  One of them, in fact, started his career in the Catholic faith as a teaching brother and is totally incapable of saying or doing anything to offend anyone.  

The way Nieves turned his misbehavior into an attack on the two men he assaulted verbally is typical of people who are paranoid.  Saying that he is defending his family is nuts, nuts, nuts.  His family is alone 4 days a week while he’s in Jeff City, and, according to Nieves’ own testimony on the Senate floor, they are all “excellent shots.”  It doesn’t sound like his family has to worry about being attacked.  In fact, they sound like the kind of people to stay away from.

Let’s just hope and pray Nieves doesn’t kill someone before he is rounded up and committed to a mental hospital.