Fired Up Missouri has a good post on the latest PPP poll of Missouri, including that 38% of Missouri Republicans still aren’t sure that Obama was born in the United States, but buried in the poll results is a curious nugget about Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder.

Kinder has been in line to challenge Gov. Nixon in next year’s election, and it seems pretty obvious that Kinder has been set on running for months, if not years. The Republican field has been cleared for him, but for the heck of it, PPP polled Republican voters on a hypothetical matchup between Kinder, former Gov. Matt Blunt, and the last Republican nominee for governor, former congressman Kenny Hulshof. Kinder at 23% of Republican voters trailed Matt Blunt’s 37%, and only eked ahead of Kenny Hulshof’s 22%. Blunt ended his career as a highly unpopular governor, and Hulshof had one of the poorest showings for a Republican statewide candidate in recent memory, barely outperforming the hapless Mitch Hubbard.

Looks like Republicans aren’t all that enthusiastic about the establishment choice for governor.

…Adding that I somehow missed Michael’s post summarizing the PPP poll as well.