Those of us who are concerned about fair representation in the political process learned with relief that Governor Nixon vetoed the redistricting bill that the GOP sent him. However, is all as it seems? Not for those folks who always want to examine the teeth of the proverbial gift horse.

For instance, the National Journal‘s Cameron Joseph is pretty sure that Nixon was really just playing with us while looking out for number one. For Joseph, it’s all in the timing.

Wapo’s David Catenese is also pretty sure Nixon was looking out for number one when he vetoed the GOP map, but speculates about three different scenarios: Nixon was either  a throwing a bone to the base, a gift to a political boss, or a sop to the Carnahan “legacies” to keep them from sniffing at the door to the Governor’s office.

Deep and murky waters – or an upstanding Democrat? I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.