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This is the last paragraph of a piece by a blogger on Daily Kos titled “US Supreme Court Blocks Consumer Access to Courts.”

The Supreme Court has given corporations yet another victory in their quest to utterly dominate the people of the United States. Today is a truly sad day for consumers – all of us – the People of the United States of America.

The writer says it very well. The goal is to utterly dominate us. Last night (Wed.) at West Co Dems movie night, we watched “Inside Job” about how it was possible for banks and other financial institutions to gamble away billions of our dollars and bring about the collapse of the worldwide economy. Every middle class American should see this film. I’m going to buy a copy and give it to my state rep, a young Republican who insists that government’s main job is to “protect our freedoms.” But, evidently, that protection doesn’t extend to protecting our assets which support our ability to be free of homelessness and starvation.

In the recent edition of AARP Bulletin is the story of Mickey Rooney (now age 90) and how he lost all his wealth because people he trusted to manage his finances gambled it away. He testified before Congress to warn the rest of us. There is such a thing as Elder Abuse Law, and it is illegal for people to swindle us out of our life savings – unless they work for Wall Street.

“Inside Job” goes back to the 1980’s and the beginning of the deregulation of banks and other financial institutions. It traces the main actors in this dismantling of the protections we used to have and follows them right up to today. I guess it’s no surprise to anyone who pays attention, but the foxes are still guarding the hen house and getting really fat from eating our chickens.

Get a copy of “Inside Job” and invite some friends over for a drink. Believe me, you are really going to want a drink after you see how we’ve been robbed. Corporate power now controls many of the university departments that used to side with the general population. They’ve bought up the media outlets and are trying to starve the few independent/public media enterprises to the point of putting them out of business. (Note to myself: double donation to PBS and NPR this year.)

After the movie, we discussed among ourselves what we can do to stop the dictatorship of vampire capitalism. One usually mild-mannered member said “reform” is not enough and that we need a “revolution.” I agree. So let’s get organized in small groups locally, sponsor rallies, march in parades and do everything we can to wake people up. It may be a hopeless cause at this point, but at least we’ll go down swinging.

The next meeting of the Progressive Dems of St. Louis will be May 7 at 3 p.m. at the main library (corner of Clayton and Lindbergh Rds.) Guests will be from the two teacher organizations, NEA and AFT. Please come and sign up to join the revolution.

(I think I hear Les Mis music in the background !!)