“Corruption of the best is the worst”, and so is hypocrisy.  While many Missourians, and mainly her politicians, support the troops and their efforts to eradicate oppression abroad, they simultaneously support oppressive policies at home.  This is an offensive practice as you can’t simultaneously honor their sacrifice while indirectly undoing all that they have sacrificed for.  So many Americans have died in the name of freedom, yet we enact the same hateful laws we oppose abroad.  That is not only hypocrisy, it is also ignorant.  

Oppression of the LGBT community is a perfect example.  Based solely on sexual orientation, lesbian and gay couples are unable to marry in the State of Missouri.  Due to their inability to gain this legal status, lesbian and gay couples can’t receive the same benefits as straight couples.  In 2004, Missourians overwhelming restricted the right of lesbian and gay couples to choose their path in life.  We had a perfect opportunity to choose a path to righteousness by accepting our brothers and sisters as they are, treating them as human beings and accepting their walk with their God.  Instead we choose the path of righteous indignation.  We alienated them, we oppressed them, we decried their practices, and we discriminated.  

I had the privilege of listening to a democratic representative from the Missouri House of Representatives speak not long ago.  Scared of the republicans’ ability to “paint us into a corner” he suggested that candidates move to the right in the political ideological spectrum.  That is, become more moderate.  Now, there is nothing wrong with moderate democrats, but to get elected on the back of the oppressed is a morally bankrupt agenda that does nothing more than mimic republican policies.  He suggested this without knowing the history and the present.  During the first decade of the 21st century, dozens upon dozens of democratic candidates have adopted centrist policies only to find themselves on the losing end of the electoral ticket.  Democratic candidates do this again and again, against their own best interests, and then find themselves wondering why they lost.  They oppose the woman’s right to choose, they support oppressive policies against the LGBT community, and then their republican opponent still holds them accountable for the policies they pretend to oppose during their respective campaigns.

As democrats, our agenda should enable the oppressed to go free.  With our hands, we feed the hungry, remove shackles and provide for those in need.  We help the helpless, stand up for justice and take the hard right over the easy left.  We keep America moving by our support of unions, we believe that every person has a right to privacy and we support innovation through hard work and determination.  We believe that everyone has the right to choose, everyone has the right to education and that legislating morality is morally corrupt.  We are the guardians of freedom and we will NEVER apologize for it.

It is time for democratic candidates to fully embrace the anti-oppressive agendas of the Democratic Party.  Democrats need to vocalize their truth with power and strength.  It took a white man from Illinois to free the slaves.  It took a boy from a coal mining town in West Virginia to put a man on the moon.  It will take the collective voice of a just party from Missouri to end the civil rights violations that oppress so many in the 21st century.  The bigotry, hatred and ignorance have gone on long enough.  It ends today.  Keep pressing forward.