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Last evening, local activist Marilyn Morton was telling me that she opened the Thursday Post-Dispatch and found no mention of the strikes in Wisconsin. She called the P-D to see if she could possibly have overlooked it. Surely the Post wouldn’t pass up such an important story. The woman who answered informed Marilyn that the Post is a local newspaper now. But Marilyn persisted: “What do you mean, local? You carry stories on Pakistan.” And then she explained that some 30,000 public sector workers were striking in Wisconsin–the biggest strike that state has ever seen.

“Oh! Really?” said the voice on the other end of the line. “Hmm.”

The Post covered the story this morning.

I’m sure there were people on staff there better informed about Wisconsin than the lady who answers the phones. They were probably going to cover it this morning anyway. Right? But Marilyn’s complaint couldn’t have hurt.

Lee Enterprises has turned a once great newspaper parochial. It’s sad, but what the hey? Their profit margin is doing nicely.