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The Kansas City campaign in support of the earnings tax kicks off today:

They have a nifty website, Keep KC Alive:

Keep Kansas City Alive,

Keep Vital Services Funded in Our City!

Vote YES Tuesday, April 5

The earnings tax is the lifeblood of Kansas City.  It generates approximately $200 million annually, accounting for fi [sic] nearly 40% of our city’s general fund, which pays for vital and essential city services. Without it, the City would be required to drastically reduce police and fire protection, ambulance service and other public safety services, such as 911. Funding for essential services, such as street maintenance (fixing pot holes and removing snow) would be reduced. Maintenance of our parks, boulevards, community centers and fountains would be cut. Trash collection and recycling will, by necessity, become fee-based. Funding for many arts, cultural and social service programs would be eliminated.

More than 50% of the workers who pay this one percent tax on wages and salaries are persons who work in the city, but who live outside the city limits, in Johnson County, Kansas, and elsewhere. This tax does not apply to social security, investments or other retirement income. Retired citizens, for instance, do not pay the earnings tax.

By voting YES on April 5, you will be approving continuation of the earnings tax, funding for vital and essential services, for five more years.

[emphasis added]

And the voters of Kansas City can thank Rex Sinquefield for the cost of those elections every five years and for the increased cost of issuing bonds because of that five year clause in Proposition A from 2010.

He probably thinks it’s the best ten or so million dollars he’s ever been scammed out of by the right wingut political consultant welfare and self enrichment industrial complex.