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Let’s have the bad news first: the new leader of the Missouri Senate, Rob Mayer (R-Dexter) wants to turn us into a right-to-work state. But here’s some good news from Cathy Sherwin, a Field Communications staffer at the AFL-CIO:

Can Republicans oppose “right to work for less”? Absolutely. Here’s some proof from Jefferson County, Mo.

The Jefferson County Republican Central Committee recently unanimously approved a resolution condemning “right to work” proposals being pushed by a handful of state senators, notably Missouri Senate President Pro-Tem Rob Mayer.

So called “right-to-work” bills are “divisive and are not the way our state should go,” said Committee Chairman Janet Engelbach.

We’ve got a lot of serious economic problems to deal with, and we need to remember the important role of unions in our county and in our state.

Engelbach, whose husband George is a member of Sheet Metal Workers Local 36, added that

We got involved in this issue because it is so important for our workers and our families.

When the resolution was announced to a wider audience at the Jefferson County Republican Club meeting, Englebach said there were no objections. She says “keeping good jobs here isn’t a partisan issue, and our legislators shouldn’t be pushing ‘right to work,’ especially not right now.”

Engelbach said the committee sent copies of the resolution to Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat, as well as to Republican leaders in the Missouri Senate, House of Representatives and the Missouri Republican State Committee.

In these days when we see right wingers opposing driver’s licenses, pretending that Obama is not a citizen, and suggesting that hunger is a good motivator for children, it’s refreshing to find Republicans we see eye to eye with. Janet and George Engelbach understand that workers deserve a fair shake and that right to work laws make life harder for the people that build this society. That’s wrong. They condemn it. I respect that.