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GOP Senator Roy Blunt has been appointed to the Senate Appropriations, Commerce, Rules and Intelligence Committees. I suppose they have to put him somewhere and the GOP has never seemed to be especially attuned to irony. What to expect from Blunt in his role on Appropriations? There’s a hint in this tweet from earlier today:

After Senate Dems failed to put up a budget for last 2 yrs the serious business of cutting government spending will take place in Approps.

Am I the only one who thinks it’s just too rich to hear talk of spending cuts from one of the congressional leaders responsible for pushing the deficit to astronomical heights in the first place? Remember when Daddy Blunt wholeheartedly endorsed two extravagant wars while helping to enact irresponsible tax cuts for the wealthy? And don’t forget his contributions to the lax oversight that led to the financial meltdown that plunged us into the debt basement we’re trying to climb out of.

Somehow, despite Blunt’s deficit-cutting fervor, I doubt that he’ll be going after all those taxpayer subsidies that are going to very rich oil giants, or, closer to home-sweet-home, the farm subsidies that are near and dear to his rural constituency. One thing we can be sure of, after all his years in Washington, when it comes to cost-cutting, Daddy Blunt knows who butters his great big slice of GOP bread – and who doesn’t matter at all.