Oh, brother. Clueless.

Sarah Palin’s ‘Blood Libel’ Charge Stirs New Controversy

by Frank James

12:53 pm

January 12, 2011

…Needless to say, she probably couldn’t have chosen a more explosive term than blood libel. That term has been used to describe false and beyond-the-pale charges throughout history that Jews committed unspeakable crimes.

The charges were used to justify atrocities against Jews over centuries…

…One irony in all this is that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords is Jewish and it’s the born-again Christian Palin who is claiming to be the victim of a blood libel.

It’s an odd tactic to respond to one controversy by starting another. But there you have it…

Is anyone surprised?

Or a dog whistle for far right wingnuts. You pick.

In the Twitterverse:

Johngcole  John Cole

I’m wondering if all the people who mindlessly repeated the blood libel crap are starting to feel stupid…4 hours ago

That would presuppose a modicum of self awareness.

tbogg  Tbogg

Reading that Pat Buchanan defended Sarah Palin over blood libel actually made God shoot milk out through His nose 4 hours ago


There’s a word for what the former half term governor of Alaska said:

Hoekstroika– A ridiculous statement that greatly minimizes the suffering of one group of people while wildly escalating the suffering of another group of people, when no such comparison exists. Usually for partisan political point scoring. Origin: a “twitter” from Rep. Peter Hoekstra comparing the violent repression of peaceful demonstrators in Iran with Republicans in congress:

Iranian twitter activity similar to what we did in House last year when Republicans were shut down in the House. 8:56 AM Jun 17th from TwitterBerry

And the Twitterverse mocks Sarah Palin:

tbogg  Tbogg

I just sneezed. It was exactly like the Black Plague #bloodlibel #ahistoricalmorans 4 hours ago

eRobin  eRobin

@johngcole Just washed the kitchen floor with ammonia. Now I know how the people of Bhopal felt. 4 hours ago

mvallonesta  Matt Vallone

@Johngcole I had to listen to Pat Buchanan on MSNBC, it’s exactly like the Holocaust #ahistoricalmorans #bloodlibel 4 hours ago

BethEastwood  Elizabeth Eastwood

@johngcole I just walked 200 yards to check my mailbox. It was exactly like the Bataan Death March. #bloodlibel 4 hours ago

EdwinTheRedwin  EdTheRed

@Johngcole My failed thesis defense was like the Spanish Inquisition, only worse. #bloodlibel #ahistoricalmorans 4 hours ago

shortstack81  terry

@Johngcole my bus was late. Totally like the Middle Passage. Exactly like it. #bloodlibel #ahistoricalmorans 4 hours ago

Johngcole  John Cole

I’m hungry. This is just like the Potato famine. #bloodlibel #ahistoricalmorans 5 hours ago

3fecta  trifecta

@Johngcole When the Mongolian BBQ closed, I knew how the defenders of the gates of Vienna felt. 5 hours ago

Johngcole  John Cole

When I ran out of gas, it was just like the trail of tears. #bloodlibel #ahistoricalmorans 5 hours ago

Johngcole  John Cole

Telling Republicans to tone down their rhetoric is just like the Hollywood blacklists. #bloodlibel #ahistoricalmorans 5 hours ago

I don’t think Evita Mosselini’s apologists will get it.