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Via TPM we learn that when asked during a debate among the candidates for the RNC chairmanship what her favorite book is, Missouri’s Ann Wagner distingiushehd herself by naming her favorite bar instead:

… the real highlight of the exchange came when Ann Wagner responded to the question, saying, “Probably my kitchen table.” What was she referring to exactly? Her favorite bar, apparently, which she thought she was being asked. Her favorite book, though, is George W. Bush’s new memoir, Decision Points.

Better lit up than literate in this case perhaps? Of course, Wagner’s was not the only startling response.  Current RNC chairman, Michael Steele, decided to go for the big time and selected War and Peace to burnish his intellectual credentials – and then mistakenly quoted the opening sentences from Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities. Both responses were fitting somehow, one probably sincere and the other intended to be the usual ho-hum – Steele’s reveal just an added delight.

UPDATE:  Michael Tomasky thinks Ann Wagner will get the nod – based on the fact that she “looks the most Republican of the four”:

Affinity groups such as political parties go with people as leaders they feel comfortable with. Steele was an aberration for an extremely aberrant historical circumstance. Partly in response, I think Republicans will want in the new chair a surfeit of normalcy. That starts with how the person looks, and that means Wagner.

Just another country-club matron …