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Previously: A Twitter conversation with Sarah Steelman (r), sort of (December 11, 2010)

Former State Treasurer and announced 2012 U.S. Senate candidate Sarah Steelman (r) continues, sort of, the conversation via Twitter and thereby helps us feed the content beast:

@MBersin Other than Krugman unaware of any economist who believes unemployment benefits are more stimulative than tax cuts. Example please.     about 18 hours ago  via Twitter for iPhone  in reply to MBersin

Sorry to take so long to get back, but I work for a living. Someone else had a late night response or two via Twitter:

@sarah_steelman @MBersin Joseph Stiglitz, for starters. Sensing a trend here with the Nobel laureates? http://daytonos.com/?p=9771     about 8 hours ago  via web  in reply to sarah_steelman

@sarah_steelman @MBersin Or how about Mark Zandi of Moody’s? http://bit.ly/fOX1HZ ROI of UI is $1.61 per dollar spent.     about 8 hours ago  via web  

@sarah_steelman @MBersin Then of course there is the CBO – http://www.cbo.gov/ftpdocs/108…     about 8 hours ago  via web  

@sarah_steelman @MBersin And then there is Dean Baker – http://www.cepr.net/index.php/… – Need more? I’m just getting started.     about 8 hours ago  via web  

Ahem, here’s part of the chart [pdf] from Mark Zandi of Moody’s:

Fiscal Stimulus Bang for the Buck

Source: Moody’s Economy.com….

Permanent Tax Cuts

Extend Alternative Minimum Tax Patch 0.51

Make Bush Income Tax Cuts Permanent 0.32

Make Dividend and Capital Gains Tax Cuts Permanent 0.37

Cut in Corporate Tax Rate 0.32

Spending Increases

Extending Unemployment Insurance Benefits 1.61

Temporary Federal Financing of Work-Share Programs 1.69

Temporary Increase in Food Stamps 1.74

General Aid to State Governments 1.41

Increased Infrastructure Spending 1.57….

[emphasis added]

My response via Twitter:

@sarah_steelman “Example please.” | Really? You’re the one running for office. Try these: http://bit.ly/fNYETh Do you support the “deal”?  less than 20 seconds ago  via web  in reply to sarah_steelman

[Again, edited after posting to enable adding the URL for this post to the Twitter response. Don’t hurt

your brain too much, think of it as one of those Star Trek time loop story paradoxes.]

And we’ll hand it to Sarah Steelman (r), she is responding, sort of. But we still haven’t found out if she supports the “deal”.