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Agrarian reform?:


Vicky Hartzler suggests her $774,000 farm subsidy provided ‘national security’

By David Martin, Wed., Nov. 10 2010 @ 6:00AM

U.S. Rep-elect and tea party favorite Vicky Hartzler is going to Washington with a promise to cut spending. Of course, she’s not keen on the idea of messing with Medicare, Social Security or the military, the popular programs which pose the country’s long-term deficit problem.

Instead, Hartzler proposes that Congress think about freezing its pay and other fiddling-while-Washington-burns gestures.

Hartzler says she’s open to the idea of reducing farm subsidies, but she’s hinting that fields of corn are tantamount to military bases because they provide “food security.” It just so happens that Hartzler Farms Inc. is one of the recipients of freedom-ensuring USDA subsidies. Hartzler and her husband, Lowell, collected $774,489 in farm aid from 1995 to 2009, according to Environmental Working Group….

Hey, when those Rooskie tanks come rumbling down U.S. 50 we can throw corncobs at them.

A tip of the hat to our good friends at Fired Up!.