We can continue to lick our wounds and play the blame game, or we can regroup and do the job ourselves.  We can all agree that messaging is not the Dems strong suit. We can continue to beg them to wake up and start fighting back or we can become our own think tanks and fire up the people who just don’t get it.

Last night on Rachel Maddow’s show, Gail Collins (progressive columnist) pleaded with the national Democratic leaders to grab and use the “fiscal responsibility” hypocrisy of the Repugs.  Less than 24 hours after the election, Jim DeMint said it was going to be necessary to raise the debt ceiling again.  The tea partiers are counting on the Repugs to slash everything in sight (especially all those “job killing” regs.)  So we have to find a way to explain to anyone who will listen that adding $700 billion (tax cuts for super wealthy Americans) to the national debt does NOT reduce the total debt.  Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Then how come voters can be bamboozled into thinking we can have tax cuts for the rich and still reduce the debt?  Because the other side is expert at bait and switch.

Fiscal responsibility is just one issue.  Then there’s Karl Rove’s “climate is done” statement. And the new House leaders are already lining up witnesses for hearings in the spring to “prove” that climate change is a “hoax.”

And then there’s the repeal of health care reform. Mitch McConnell already is using (and you can be damned sure every Repug will repeat) Health Care Spending Bill to describe the Affordable Care Act.

President Obama has invited the Repug leaders to a White House dinner to discuss the economy, taxes etc.  I hope he has a “taster” check his soup for him.

It doesn’t look like we’re going to get any help from the national or state Dem leaders as far as pushing back against right wing muggers, so we’ll have to do it ourselves. If everyone who posts on this blog finds 10 other sane folks, they can form their own think tank. Repeated often enough, our message will find receptive ears.

Yes, I know I’m spittin’ in the wind, but I’m Irish and don’t like getting stomped on.