I look forward to analyzing the final debris of this election as much as i’d look forward to dental work. So I will forgo that torture on you for a little bit longer, and present to you the map for how Proposition B, regulating Puppy Mills, fared county by county.

Weirdly enough, the stronger areas for Prop B were also good areas for Mitt Romney in the 2008 Missouri Republican Primary, aside from Dunklin and Pemiscot Counties, where maybe the anti-B forces couldn’t penetrate. Or Kennett, Missouri loves puppies

Suburban voters and Rural voters have some differences of opinion in regards to voting habits and views on issues. Even some of the more traditionally fiscally conservative areas in the suburbs and SW Missouri approved of Prop B. But apparently so much of the anti-B media or word of mouth occurred in rural areas.

One could digest this map of licensed dog breeders by county to see if the correlation is as strong as possible. Although the number of breeders doesn’t tell you how many dogs they have. So there’s that.