Guilt trips have been getting a bad rap since the sixties. What’s wrong with a good guilt trip? For instance, have you called Senator Dick Durbin (202-224-2152) to urge him not to vote in favor of messing with Social Security? After the election, the Deficit Commission (aka the National Commission  of Fiscal Responsibility and Reform) is planning to recommend that Congress cut benefits and raise the retirement age. We need one more nay vote to stop that recommendation, and Dick Durbin needs to hear from us that he ought to vote against it.

Look, Social Security didn’t cause the financial morass we find ourselves in. The credit for that goes to two misbegotten wars, the Bush tax cuts, and poor financial regulation. So Social Security has been looted to bail out the government for those godawful decisions, and now we the citizens, in addition to being robbed, are about to be further punished?

Make the call.