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A couple of days ago I wrote about how our Missouri Democrats need to emulate threatened Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold, who has come out fighting in the face of GOP efforts to smear him by misrepresenting the Affordable Care Act. However, when I assumed that all our Missouri Democratic pols were taking a hands-off response to the ACA,  I spoke too quickly. As evidence I offer Russ Carnahan’s remarks at a recent St. Louis event concerned with business opportunities for veterans.

This video of the event (via the Turner Report) showing Carnahan standing up on his hind legs and acting like a member of species homo sapiens makes the case that he might have a healthy case of intestinal fortitude:

Not the slickest presentation, but doggedly honest – which makes it all the braver given the reams of misinformation and sound-bites that have seeped, via Fox News, into many Missourians’ consciousness. In the video Carnahan is doing just what a good leader is supposed to do  – educating his constituents by giving them the facts. We need more of this – slicker might probably be better, but honest and outspoken is okay by me.

This election Carnahan is up against Ed Martin, a right-wing, back-slapping, bully boy who seems delighted to prance around in front of an audience and try to score a few zingers at the expense of the truth. We can only hope that there are enough voters out there who prize substance – and who can recognize it when they see it.