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Basketball is a game of artistry and creativity. Nothing epitomizes this more than the game of Horse. At its core it is a game of one upmanship, where difficult and sometime next to impossible shots are used to eliminate the competition from play.

Sometimes, I really, really wanna take my ball and go home. Lots of my team-mates are already packing up and heading off. Why?

— They worked hard to get Claire McCaskill into the game; now she plays the odds and mostly comes out for the reddish-purple team.

— They watch Robin Carnahan try to play the odds just like her soul-sister, Claire.

— They worked their tails off for Obama and he turned out to like to play in the center (just like he claimed in the campaign).

— The age of Aquarius never dawned and we have to hustle hard for every little win.

— Somebody told us that if we pack it in, the rest of the team’ll be so sorry they’ll play just the way we want them to in the future (and I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you).

So why is anyone still hanging around, bouncing balls off the garage door?

We see little twerps like Ed Martin consistently fouling with no penalties leveled.

— We’ve read Roy Blunt’s game plan as expressed in the corporate wish list he calls his jobs plan.

— We’ve heard climate change denier Blaine Luetkemeyer make a fool of himself and Missouri while playing on Merry King Coal’s team.

— We don’t think we ought to have to play according to Todd Akin’s Christian Sharia rulebook either.

— We’ve seen the rest of the Missouri GOP team synchronize their play to the beat called out by the Tea Party-whipped GOP leadership.

Time and new battles have diminished our memory of how bruised we got playing against the rule-bending George Walker Bush bullies, but if we lose this new game by default, the same kind of pols will be calling the shots in Washington once again not just stalling the action. And it’ll hurt just that much more when they privatize Social Security, slash Medicare, defund the really good parts of the Affordable Care Act, stop government by initiating hearings and issuing subpoenas over ACORN, birtherism, you name it, while letting Big Money referee the game.