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…except they should have.

So, Representative Denny Hoskins (r-noun, verb, CPA) doesn’t pay attention?

Question: I had never even heard of it going on until the gentleman came to Rotary and spoke to us on Tuesday. I’d never heard of it.

Denny Hoskins:  Right, right.

Question: So, uh, whether they weren’t doing much publicity on it or what.

Denny Hoskins:  Yes, Yeah, I,  I’d heard just a few things about it but nothing until, you know, the Rotary and, and, um, a couple things in, in the local media, uh, this last week. And so, um, that’s, that was my in, involvement in it….

Gee, the way people talked about it on the radio you’d think the Missouri Valley Community Action Agency (MVCAA) was trying to hide what they were doing. That’s what someone might say if they were a cynical politician furiously spinning reality.

Here’s the reality. We obtained a copy of MVCAA’s proposal which specifically states what they were going to do and when they were going to do it:



….7. …The outcome will be that a social and economic justice film festival is held in Missouri to educate the general public and create awareness of the real picture of poverty in Missouri. MVCAA foresees the inclusion of still arts display and a local cuisines/tourism festival being held in conjunction with the film festival. The communities will be enhanced through the creation of new jobs and training for low-income people that will not only create temporary employment but hope to lead to full time employment in the community….

The low-income people that are recruited for these positions will receive hospitality training prior to the festival. This training will increase their job skills….

11. Implementation….

B. Project coordinator hired to guide planning, development and facilitate the completion of the Show Me Social and Economic Justice Film Festival. November 10, 2009

…. M. media and marketing campaign is developed and launched to promote the Show Me Social and Economic Justice Film Festival to encourage attendance and tourism. May 31, 2010.….

[emphasis in orginal]

Yep, they told everyone they were organizing a film festival as an economic stimulus project.

And what about that job training and temporary employment component? Back to the radio:

Denny Hoskins:  Well, you know, this is, this is a good example, the Show Me Social Justice Film Festival is a good example of, of stimulus dollars coming in that were not, [crosstalk]…

Question: Yeah.

Denny Hoskins: …are not being spent for the purpose that which they are intended. Um, you know the festival did not create any jobs here in Johnson County. It’s not helping the, the needy, low income, handicapped, elderly, you know….

[emphasis added]

Wrong again.


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