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Oh, all right, it’s Warren County, but they’re right next door to each other and I couldn’t resist.

The parking lot at the annual Harkin Steak Fry is a veritable cornucopia of progressive political bumper stickers. And don’t get me started on the t-shirts people wear to the event.

Yep. you’re right, we saw this car last year.

On the drive headed north in Iowa on Interstate 35 a sedan with an older white male driving puled even with us in the passing lane. The driver sounded the car horn then gave us a smile and a thumbs up. He obviously like our bumper sticker.

The license plate frame reads, “I’m for Tom.” Note the vehicle is a hybrid.

Roxanne Conlin is the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate challenging incumbent Chuck Grassley (r-hey, you damn kids keep off my lawn).

On the drive back to Missouri, again on Interstate 35, a BMW pulled slightly ahead of us in the passing lane. The occupants of the back seat smiled and waved at us. We think they liked our bumper sticker.


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