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Another campaign ad smackdown of Roy Blunt (r-lobbyists) from Robin Carnahan‘s (D) campaign:

Robin Carnahan: I’m Robin Carnahan and I approved this message.

Announcer: Congressman Roy Blunt, he got caught trying to insert a secret deal for tobacco giant Philip Morris into a bill just days after company executives gave him over thirty thousand dollars.

[“Big Tobacco’s Sweetheart.” St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Editorial, 6/13/03]


He voted to weaken the rules on lobbyist gifts.

[Washington Post, 1/8/03, HRS 5, Vote #4, 1/7/03]

Rode corporate jets provided by a defense contractor convicted of bribery.

[Defense Contractor Sentenced to 12 Years for Bribery, The Washington Post, 2/20/08]

And he’s taken more money from lobbyists than any member of Congress.

[USA Today, 10/4/09]

Roy Blunt, he’s the very worst of Washington.

[Paid for by Robin Carnahan for Senate. Approved by Robin Carnahan.]

Dave Helling at the Kansas City Star remarks on the republican press release in response to the Carnahan campaign ad:

…The release, however, does not say that any of the claims in the Carnahan spot are inaccurate.

Ouch. That had to have hurt.