As y’all know, my roots go back a couple of centuries in the norhtern tier of this great state of ours, and one of the things that my Missouri born-and-bred parents, grandparents and great-grandmother instilled in me was to mind my own damned business when something doesn’t concern me.

And the first thing I thought when I saw the ad that Roy Blunt and his team put up then quickly took down was “what the hell business is it of ours?”

How would we – hell, how would Roy – react of New Yorkers were weighing in on what we can or can’t do with an empty building in an area of Kansas City or St. Louis – or even Springfield?

We’de have a fit and tell them if they want to move to Missouri and pay taxes, then we’ll talk.

And lawd-a-mercy, the bluster over property rights would drown out the Blue Angels doing aerobatics at low altitude.

But craven opportunists aren’t known for their intellectual honesty – or any other sort of honesty since we’re being, well, honest about it.