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The bumper stickers of July: an appropriate warning label for noxious exhaust fumes

The bumper stickers of July, part 2

One advantage of taking a road trip during campaign season is that you can observe what individuals (voters and candidates) in other states go through. And yes, the campaign commercials are just as obnoxious and vacuous there as they are here.

The Arizona primary is at the end of this month. What makes Southern Arizona interesting to watch in this season is the stark juxtaposition of progressive left and far right wingnuttia. Arizona has a long and distinguished history of such contrasts – Morris King Udall and Sam Steiger come to mind.

You can see that contrast and relive battles of the past in the bumper stickers:

To answer the question, no. Not in a million years. Not ever.

Then there are the campaign signs planted on the corners of almost every major intersection – in a metropolitan area with a population over one million. We’re talking serious sign budgets:

Somehow the placement of the sign for President McCain‘s right wingnut peer and challenger seems fitting in a time of SB 1070.

When Arizona right wingnuts collide it’s all about wedge issue orthodoxy. Tom Horne (r) is the current Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction (a statewide office) and candidate for Arizona Attorney General.

Sometimes you can’t get the photo in focus when you’re in traffic. The sign states, “Tom Horne supports amnesty for illegal immigrants”.

I’ve never seen such a concerted sign program in a primary attacking a candidate, never mind not advocating for another. He must have somehow really upset a whole bunch of people – sort of like being the Chris Koster of Arizona.