It’s kind of an unofficial tradition in Eastern Jackson County to dump your heavy ammo on the opposition in the last weekend before the Democratic Primary, and golly, it’s the last Friday and there’s eight Democratic primary mailers in my hands. Nice!

So I found one mailer that stood out, both for being hard-hitting, and for being totally illegal under Missouri campaign finance laws. And another which is making a claim which is likely to be a complete lie. First, the non-legal mailer

{did not catch that they misspelled his last name the first few times I saw that. The hat distracted me – RBH

P.S.: They were too busy flipping the picture to spell Ploeger correctly}

You can find a New York Yankee on the TV screen before you can find a “paid for by” line, which is kinda required. Well, I guess anonymous mailers are a tradition. Good thing we removed campaign donation limits to make sure these mailers disappeared, eh?

Under the fold: the questionable claim which is disputed in the Independence Examiner.

The claim which I put an arrow next to is disputed by the current 51st district incumbent (Ray Salva):

“That was my legislation, and he didn’t help draft it,” Salva said. “I wrote that legislation.”


Salva served on the Missouri House Judiciary Committee and said he drafted the original Sam and Lindsey’s Law legislation that was placed in an omnibus bill with other legislation. The bill passed the Missouri House but failed on the Missouri Senate floor because of other legislation in the omnibus bill, Salva said.

In a following General Assembly session, state Rep. Jason Kander, D-Kansas City, went on the Judiciary Committee while Salva exited the committee. According to Salva, Kander filed Salva’s legislation as House Bill 2420. A public hearing took place, though it never passed.

“He had nothing to do with it,” Salva said of Ploeger’s involvement. “I didn’t even know this guy. All of his other claims are just as ridiculous.”

Kander could not be reached for comment Thursday. According to the Jackson County Democratic Committee website, one of Kander’s 2010 resolutions in Jefferson City was to strengthen or preserve laws that protect Missourians at home and in court. Kander said he worked with other lawmakers to draft Sam and Lindsey’s Law, according to the website.

“My wording, my everything, 100 percent – I was the one that wrote it,” Ploeger said of how he was “instrumental in writing” House Bill 2420. “I was the voice and the strength in getting it before (Jason Kander) to get it to Jefferson City. It was Tina and I’s idea to put it together. We worked very, very hard to put this together and to strengthen the laws to protect children.”

Update: A longer counter on the whole matter of the second mailer.

“We had a press conference and Jeremy was there,” Kander said. “There was a group of people working on this and Jeremy was part of that group, and contributed to the draft of the original language.”

Slightly less than “My wording, my everything, 100 percent”. But still. Gotta love the primary process (and the complete apathy towards Ray Salva). Also, the current version of the star article seems to suggest that something is stuck in their spacebar.

There’s no season like primary season.