McCaskill staffer Bob Burns was suspended for daring to call Tea Party activists “brownshirts” for their disruption of congressional town hall meetings last summer.  

That’s incredibly weak. Certainly, nobody believes that the Tea Party set are literally Nazis, although certain Tea Party leaders have no qualms with race-baiting and linking to white supremacists. But they certainly use brownshirt tactics shutting down meetings of people they disagree with by disruption.

I suppose to be just as accurate, Burns could have compared the Tea Party disrupters to factions of the American Left in the 1920s and ’30s who would shut down their own conventions with organized disruption, stretching out the conflict until they got their way. The conservatives who captured the Young Republicans in the late 1950s and the early Draft Goldwater movement copied those tactics, which you see live in on the strategy memo disseminated among rightwing opponents of health care reform.

I don’t know why McCaskill thinks she can appease these people. They hate Democrats and they won’t be satisfied until she votes 100% with the Republican Party.