If you’ve been in downtown St. Louis in the past few days, chances are you’ve seen a bright red truck with the words “Tell Pinnacle Casinos: Don’t Fire 220 President Casino Workers!” written on the side.

Pinnacle Entertainment (NYSE:PNK) is the owner of three casinos here in St. Louis: River City, Lumiere Place, and the President Casino. When the President closes for good on June 28, Pinnacle plans to terminate all 220 President employees, despite the fact that the company is hiring at its other properties.

Mary Love has been a cook at the President since 1994. But when she applied for a job at Lumiere Place, she was told that she did not qualify. Mary was left asking, “How do I not qualify for a position I’ve been doing for 16 years?” She says her own employer told her that although she had been a casino cook for 16-years, she wasn’t “qualified” for a job at one of the Company’s newer casinos.

When workers are laid off it threatens the stability of our families and neighborhoods. Speaking about the future, Mary explained, “I don’t want to be on welfare and ask anybody for anything. All I want is a job to take care of my mortgage and my child. That’s all I ask for.”

When Pinnacle and other casino companies wanted to repeal loss limits at Missouri, President Casino workers campaigned successfully on behalf of their employer. In return for their loyalty, Pinnacle is offering them pink slips.

Go to www.ShameOnPinnacle.org to learn how you can take action in support of the President Casino workers.